2005 The Rock Concerts

The 9th of May 2005 was the 60th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Channel Islands from the forces of Nazi Germany. To celebrate this great occasion many people came together to organise two concerts that would be "A unique celebration of Jersey's freedom in thanksgiving for 60 years of peace".

The Festival Choir joined with many other island singers to form the "Rock" chorus. Together with the Kings Chamber Orchestra of London, Eileen Le Sueur, Jersey Premier Brass, Beaulieu Junior School Choir and JCG Preparatory School Choir, two concerts took place on the 7th and 9th of May in the Jersey Opera House.

The crowning moment of the concerts was a piece called "The Rock" by Gerald Le Feuvre which had been commissioned originally for the 1204-2004 celebrations. It has six movements, each a postcard of Jersey past and present, with the final movement looking to the future and is "Dedicated to the people of Jersey and in memory of all those who lived on our beautiful island in times past, living lives of sacrifice for the greater good".

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