2010 Liberation Day

Sunday May the 9th was the 65th anniversary of our liberation and once again the choir was invited to sing at the service and celebrations to mark this event.

Read the letter of thanks sent to the choir after the event here

A collection was taken for the Red Cross which is particularly poignant as it was the Red Cross parcels delivered by the SS Vega that saved many islanders from starvation in December 1944 and onwards. Left to Right: Maureen Crago, Supporter, Vincent Obbard, Seigneur of Samares and collector for the Red Cross, Jurat Sally Le Brocq, Choir member

Choir members observe the re-enactment of the British flag been flown on May 9th 1945 for the first time in almost five years.

The Festival Choir leading the singing in Liberation Square on May 9th Liberation Day 2010