2012 Diamond Jubilee Concert

Monday 4th June 2012; 8pm; Gloucester Hall Fort Regent

The Jersey Festival Choir, along with many other musical groups, took part in the concert to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on the 4th of June at the Gloucester Hall, Fort Regent. Over 500 musicians took part in this splendid display with a programme tailored to fit the occasion (the items in red are those that the choir sang in)

1.         Opening Fanfare and National Anthem arr. by Dr Gordon Jacob

2.         Marche Militaire ‘March La Ronde’ by Charles Gounod arr. T L Sharpe

3.         L'Ouvèrtuthe dé Dgiamant by Geoff Kingston

The Massed Band. Conductor: Robert Wareing-Jones 

4.         Highland Cathedral by Ulrich Roever and Michael Korb

The Massed Band & Jersey Pipe Band. Conductor: Robert Wareing-Jones

5.         Her Majesty The Queen in Jersey (courtesy of ITV Channel Television)

During the clearance of the stage for the marching displays, a short collection of extracts from the six visits made to Jersey since 1949 by The Queen will be screened.

6.         Marching Display

The Jersey Pipe Band

7.         Marching and Music Display and Drum Beatings  

(i)         Gibraltar by Richard Waterer

(ii)        Scipio (Slow March) by George Frideric Handel

(iii)       Royal Salute (Part 1) by Richard Waterer

(iv)      Drum Display by the Corps of Drums

(v)       Royal Salute (Part 2) by Richard Waterer

(vi)      Post Horn Galop by Hermann Koenig, arr. J. Rivière  

(vii)     Blazeaway by Abe Holzmann


1.         Address

The Bailiff of Jersey, Mr Michael Birt

2.         Readings of the winning Diamond Jubilee Competition poems

3.         Coronation Anthem: Zadok the Priest by George Frideric Handel

4.         I Vow to Thee My Country music by Gustav Holst (arr. Derek Lawrence)

5.         Three Songs for Children’s Choir

(i)         A Simple Song of Praise  by David Lantz

(ii)        Jersey’s Joy by Gerard Le Feuvre

(iii)       Chariot’s Comin! By Don Besig and Nancy Price

Jubilee Children’s Choir.  Conductor: Mrs Sue de Gruchy

6.         Crown Imperial by Sir William Walton    

St Cecilia Orchestra. Conductor: Jonathan Pollard

7.         Songs performed by Nerina Pallot including “Sophia”*

* With the Musical Originals Singers, conductor Imogen Nicholls

8.         I Was Glad by Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry (orch. Peter Lawson)

9.         Jerusalem by Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry (orch. Edward Elgar)

10.       The National Anthem