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Saturday 18th March 2017

A Concert Workshop was led by David Lawrence from 10am - 4pm


Festival Choir Annual Lunch at Greenhills Hotel on Sunday 2nd April 2017

Tuesday 9th May 2017

Liberation Day; the choir attended and sang at the service in Liberation Square

Other Choir News from 2017

The links from this page will take you to reports and a selection of pictures taken on various events in the life of the choir during 2017.

The major event in 2017 was the change of Musical Director from Elizabeth Farnon to William Millow as was reported in the JEP.

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Thursday 15th June 2017

The choir, with friends of the Lobb family, sang on BBC Music Day at an event to mark the unveiling of a blue plaque at St. Helier Methodist Centre (formerly Wesley Grove) commemorating the work of John Fry Lobb who was instrumental in establishing the Jersey Festival Choir.  The plaque also mentions John’s brother and sister, Arthur Lobb and Amy Luce, for the contribution that all three made and a particular mention is made of the Festival Choir as can be seen below.
The Lobb family link with the Festival Choir continues as John Lobb is the  grandfather of our current Musical Director, William Millow