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On Wednesday 9th May the choir sang at the Annual Liberation Day service and celebrations. We were encouraged to be appropriately dressed in red, white and blue as can be seen below.

On Sunday 25th March, the choir enjoyed its Annual Luncheon at St Brelade's Bay Hotel- a time appreciated by those who were able to attend.

On the 18th March, the choir enjoyed a workshop led by Jonathan Willcocks to prepare us for the Spring Concert at the end of April. The weather in the UK was not very amenable to Jonathan’s flight and, as a result, he arrived later than his scheduled time of 1030 but this didn’t cause a problem and we were able to stop for the day before the scheduled time of 5pm having enjoyed a busy and productive day.

Sunday 11th November 2018

The choir performed in the Stanley Sackett class in the Eisteddfod at St Helier Methodist Centre with four other ensembles and was very pleased to be awarded a Gold certificate and the cup itself. This was particularly pleasing given the past involvement of Stanley Sackett in the earlier days of the choir (see here for more).

The adjudicator was struck by the balance of the three item programme we presented. These were as follows:

Lead Kindly Light - from An Eternal Requiem by Howard Goodall, Ave Verum Corpus K618 by Mozart and Go Tell it on the Mountain (a gospel version of the Traditional carol)

Other Choir News from 2018

he links from this page will take you to reports and a selection of pictures taken on various events in the life of the choir during 2018

The true “Jersey Way”

The John Lobb Dynasty has served us well

As they’ve conducted us down all these years;

John started with Stan Sackett, what a swell,

Whose piano skills moved us to happy tears!

        Then Amy followed with dynamic drive

With gestures passionate and wildly strong,

Her body language made the choir thrive –

Her tenure was inspiring and long!

         Then Sue de Gruchy led us with her quips

And exercises which kept us agog;

While Cousin Libby, next in line, with tips

Took us quite safely through new music’s fog!

          Now William is our leader what a joy –

          He’s been a singer since he was a boy!

Philip Le Brocq President    AGM – 5 September 2018

Saturday 10th November 2018

The choir was invited to take part in the massed choir gathered for the Armistice Commemorations to mark the 100th Anniversary since the end of the First World War.

A number of singers from the choir took part in this concert at Fort Regent (the choir was split into two sections either side of the orchestra as can be seen below)

2018 Rehearsal at JCP - Soprano section

2018 Rehearsal at JCP - Alto section with William

2018 Rehearsal at JCP - Tenor & Bass sections with Grace