2020 was the year when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world.

The choir was planning to sing Haydn’s Creation on Saturday 25th April and our last activity towards this was a choir workshop day (which was curtailed at lunchtime) on Saturday 14th March with James Southall, the conductor to be. This concert was postponed until circumstances permit the resumption of choir activities.

Liberation Day 2020 was the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Jersey and as such, large celebrations were planned with the choir intending to take part in the annual service. In the end, the choir did not meet due to the pandemic and the celebrations were made in smaller, socially-distanced groups.
For example, the traditional States of Jersey government siting was connected virtually (via the Internet) to a small group in the chamber itself, see here

Stanley Keiller (the son of the Revd Killer who wrote the Liberation Hymn, see here) was to have attended the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation but unfortunately he passed away just before this date. The thoughts he planned to share with us are here

Wednesday 16th December 2020

Festival of Carols at St Thomas’ Church - This was cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus and the consequent public health precautions.

Instead of the concert, an online “Pub-Quiz” was arranged for members of the choir who were able to join together online. A good time was had by all who then had a chance to chat about previous years to finish the evening off. For a sample of the questions, click here