Liberation Day

Liberation Day is, in effect, the National Day of Jersey when we commemorate and celebrate the Occupation and Liberation of Jersey which took place from June 1940 to May 1945.
Many choir members have personal links with this time and as such it is an important and poignant time.

The choir is invited to sing at the Liberation Day ceremony each year and links to individual years can be found in the Past Events section of the website.

Reverend Frank W Killer wrote the so-called “Liberation Hymn” which the choir recorded in 2012. You can find the link to it here.

Stanley Keiller, the son of the Revd Killer, was to have attended the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation but unfortunately he passed away just before this date. The thoughts he planned to share with us are here

Links to some items of the period:

A Gas mask.  stating on the cardboard box THE PROPERTY OF THE STATES OF JERSEY. ( It is hoped they don’t want it back after all these years…)   Note the instructions for use!

Also, note the unopened tin of KLIM (which came from a Red Cross parcel) alongside the gas mask above

A copy of The Jersey Evening Post dated 9th May 1945

Beautiful Jersey is a song that is sung each year. The composer and lyricist, Lindsay Lennox lived in the late Victorian period. This is the front cover of the sheet music