The winner of the Anthem competition was 'Island Home' by Gerard Le Feuvre

Background to the Anthem Competition

In spring 2007 a competition to find an anthem for Jersey was launched. There were 30 entries comprising the work of 27 people from which the judges short-listed the five works which were performed by the Jersey Festival Choir in the final on Wednesday 30th April 2008.

 The rules of the competition required the entries to be compositions suitable for performance on formal occasions when it might be expected that an anthem would be required; for example, at sporting medal presentations or at other ceremonies. They had to be musically convincing in a short version lasting between 30 seconds and a minute but they also had to be available with two or three verses.

No words were provided for setting by the composers; instead, entrants were given the opportunity to provide their own text appropriate for an anthem intended to celebrate Jersey's identity. Members of the public were also allowed to nominate existing works and the inclusion of `Beautiful Jersey', which is performed on Liberation Day, reflects its nomination alongside the works of the composers who responded to the challenge.

The short list of anthems were as follows;

    'My Jersey, My Home' by Derek Lawrence

    'Island Home' by Gerard Le Feuvre

    'Arise, Arise' by Kevin Porée and Matheson Bayley

    'Beautiful Jersey' (nominated as an existing piece)

    'Jersey Island Home' by James Taberner

 Anthem for Jersey Competition 2008

1. My Jersey, My Home' by Derek Lawrence

DEREK Lawrence trained at the Royal College of Music and Greenwich University before teaching in the London Borough of Redbridge. He became a head teacher while continuing to work in the Redbridge Music School, where he taught composition and conducted senior orchestras. He wrote for the bi-annual Red-bridge Concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, where he also conduct-ed. Since retiring to Jersey, Mr Lawrence has become a member of the Music in Action committee and is their concert manager.

My Jersey, my home, my Island so proud

Where duty and union is ever avowed

No matter where in the world I may roam

I'll always return to Jersey my home.


With Red Cross and Shield, my banner held high

My honour, my pledge will always apply

Allegiance is called, commitment for all

Working together, our people stand tall.


I know that whenever her shores I depart

Pride for my Island I'll keep in my heart

A land of abundance that always accords

A lifetime of peace, the best of rewards.


My Jersey, my home, my Island so proud

Where duty and union is ever avowed

No matter where in the world I may roam

I'll always return to my Jersey my home.

copyright: Jersey Evening Post

2. 'Island Home' by Gerard Le Feuvre

GERARD Le Feuvre was born in Jersey 1962. He was educated at Victoria College and Hautlieu School before winning music scholarships, as a cellist and composer, to study at the Royal Academy of Music, the Banff Arts Centre, Yale and the Sibelius Academy in Finland. He has broadcast and performed as a soloist across Europe and the Americas and he founded the Kings Chamber Orchestra of London, which today gives 40 concerts a year and has a worldwide following through its recordings. In 2000, he was made him an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music.

Photo from http://www.kingschamberorchestra.co.uk

Ours is an Island home

Firm on rock and strong by sea

Loyal and proud in history

Our thankful hearts are raised to                              God for Jersey


The beauty of our land

Long inspires both eye and mind

Ours the privilege to guard its shore

So help we God that Jersey

   might through grace endure Amen

3.'Arise, Arise' by Kevin Porée and Matheson Bayley

BORN in Jersey in 1965, Kevin Porée is a former academic and arts administrator who now works as a record producer, composer and arranger. Since 1993 he has run Berry Street Studio, one of London's premier recording facilities. A multi-instrumentalist, Kevin has featured on hundreds of recordings as producer, musician and occasional singer.

Matheson Bayley, born in Surrey in 1978, is a composer, arranger; orchestrator and lyricist, having written for film, television, theatre, choirs, orchestras, computer game soundtracks, jazz bands, pop artists and classical instrumentalists throughout the world. A prize-winning graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, he is currently composer and musical director for Cirque du Soleil.

Arise my Island, sea to sky

Be born of fathoms deep

Arise Corbiere to Mont Orgueil

My solitary keep

Arise, arise from wave and tide

Arise eternal foam

Stand firm, alone my rock, my pride

My Island, heart and home.

Be blessed, Jersey ever true

To hope and liberty

May waves anoint you, rise anew

My angel of the sea

Be mine O Jersey, be my guide

Eternal and alone

In faith, in peace, my love, my pride

My Island, heart and home,

My Island, heart and home.

copyright: Jersey Evening Post

4.'Beautiful Jersey' (nominated as an existing piece)

ALSO known as Man Bieau P'tit Jerri, Beautiful Jersey is sung every year on Liberation Day in Liberation Square. It is usually performed by local singer Sadie Rennard, who does the first verse in Jerriais and the final two verses in English.

Sadie Rennard sings at 60th Liberation Day service ©www.bbc.co.uk

There's a spot that I love that I ne'er can forget,

Tho' far I may roam 'twill be dear.

For its beauty will linger in memory yet,

Where'er o'er the world I may steer.

Dear Jersey, fair Isle, of the ocean the queen,

Thy charms are so many and rare;

For love finds a home 'mid each beauteous scene,

My heart ever longs to be there.

Beautiful Jersey, gem of the sea,

Ever my heart turns in longing to thee;

Bright are the mem'ries you waken for me,

Beautiful Jersey, gem of the sea.

On thy shores I have wandered in glad days of yore,

With one who is dear to my heart.

And the love-links will bind us as one evermore, 

Although for a while we must part.

And oft in my dreams do I see the dear place

The dear little Isle of the sea,

And in fancy I gaze on a sweet loving face,

The face that is dearest to me.

Beautiful Jersey...

5.'Jersey Island Home' by James Taberner

JIMMY Taberner was born in Farnworth, Lancashire. He came to the Island in 1989 after obtaining a masters from the University of Wales. He began writing music at the age of 12 and by the age of 16 had gained such a reputation for song-writing within his school in Bolton that he was asked to compose the school song. He performed as a solo artist through college, entering a piece in the Eurovision Song Contest and going to London for Opportunity Knocks. He also led a band in Jersey until vocal problems forced him to cease. Currently he is teaching A-level philosophy and working musically with friend and arranger Alan Hilton.

Island home of beauty and splendour

God's grace attend her sent from Heav'n above Grant that we in deed strong or tender

True service render to the land we love

Safe our shore; borne of war

To raise the flag for freedom ever more

Heart and voice rise up to defend her;

Always for Jersey

Only for Jersey

Beautiful Jersey

And our Island home.


Island home of beauty indwelling

All nature telling quiet her wondrous song.

Grant that we for none so compelling

Ever be dwelling here our whole life long.

Seagulls soar as of yore

To raise her praise above from shore to shore. Land and sea the grand chorus swelling;

Always for Jersey

Only for Jersey

Beautiful Jersey.

And our Island home.


Island home of beauty abounding

Full voices sounding lend their harmony.

Grant that we from each tongue surrounding

Free and unbounding blend in unity.

Faith endure, hope restore

To raise our song beyond the battle roar.

Join we all the anthem resounding;

Always for Jersey

Only for Jersey

Beautiful Jersey

And our Island home.

Wednesday 30th April 2008

 The Judging 

The judging panel which short-listed the pieces comprised: the Bailiff of Jersey, Sir Philip Bailhache (Chairman), Chief Minister Senator Frank Walker, Senator Mike Vibert, Minister for Education, Sport and Culture, Mr. Neil Courtney, Head of the Jersey Instrumental Music Service, and Mr. Chris George, concert pianist and teacher. In addition to the five votes of the judges, a sixth judge was cast a vote in the form of the audience of the evening of the competition

Part of the men's chorus backstage...

The Amity Singers sang at the start of the second half as the judges deliberated...

The panel came back-stage after the competition to chat to Elizabeth Farnon