2011 Spring Concert

On the 21st May, the choir performed a concert at St Helier Methodist Centre which was appreciated by the large audience. It was directed by David Lawrence who has a long association with the Festival Choir and something of his story can be read below.

David Lawrence

In 1991, David Lawrence first stepped onto our beautiful island of Jersey at the age of 26 with the Jersey Festival Choir and Royal Academy of Music Sinfonia.  He was a typical music student with plenty of wild curly hair that was the “Simon Rattle” hairstyle at the time! Over the years the hair has diminished but he has continued to work with the choir, regularly conducting our May concerts, throughout the wonderful leadership of Amy Luce, Sue de Gruchy, and now Libby Farnon, so much so it is starting to feel like a second home. 

Little did he know how his life would change when 12 years ago at a workshop with the Holmchase Choir, where he met Rebecca Voak, a local primary school teacher in St. Martin and member of the choir.  Their mutual love of music, laughter and zest for life brought them together and they married two years later and are blessed with two beautiful children Emily and Samuel, see picture above.

Coming ‘home’ to Jersey is a highlight of the year and he treasures the long relationship he has with the choir, their capacity to take on new challenges and sing with a warmth of spirit that seems so genuinely and uniquely Jersey.  May 2011